Ped-Friendly Tips for Businesses

Quick tips on making your business ped-friendly:

  • Ensure at least 3 feet of clearance alongside any sidewalk seating or merchandise displays
  • Keep your sidewalk clean & clear, especially in the winter
  • Include non-obstructive plants, merchandise, & public seating outside your door
  • Keep your exterior interesting by way of window displays, murals, holiday decorations, etc.
  • Establish a dog-friendly policy and/or provide a water dish for passing pups outside your door
  • Offer a free water-filling station

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A note on harnessing Providence’s transit:

Providence businesses are blessed with being located in a compact, walkable city with bus routes down every major corridor. Considering 20% of households in Providence don’t own a car, transit & walking can be partners in getting people to your business.

An easy way YOU can contribute to making your business friendlier to public transit while helping to improve the overall narrative about transit in RI is by incorporating transit directions in your website & social media.

For example:

Route 33 = use stop Warren at Water, then a 3-block walk. Runs every 30 minutes until midnight.

Route 78 = use stop Broadway at East; this is a shorter 1/2-block walk with more handicap accessibility, but be aware that it only runs until 9 pm.

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Do you need assistance making your business more transit-friendly or preparing the type of language provided above? Contact WalkPVD transit team lead Traci Picard.