How-To: Boundaries Walk

PVD Boundaries Project invites you to go for a boundary walk. You may choose to walk a single stretch of the border that looks interesting, check out smaller sections here and there, or complete the whole circuit. 

When PVD Boundaries Project walked Providence’s boundaries in May – June 2020, we meandered and explored. We overstepped and understepped. We missed turns and doubled back and went as far as our personal limits would take us. Our route looked like this:

But there is more than one way around the City of Providence! This project is not about following a predetermined route but blazing your own trail. Do you prefer to cross back and forth across the boundary lines, or to stay in Providence city limits? How do you feel about crossing college campuses, walking through industrial areas, or making your way through the woods? How does who you are affect where you are willing to go?

Here are some practicalities to consider:

  1. Where are the City boundaries? Call up our Google Map, use a route-mapping app like like Strava or Runkeeper, or grab a paper map. Look for clues, such as street signs, trash cans and recycling bins, lawn signs, crime watch signs, parking signs, business names, and “welcome to” municipality signs.
  2. Beginnings and endings. If you start at Point A and walk to Point B, then what? Do you need a car ride back, or will you take a RIPTA bus? Will you walk home from your boundary walk? (Tip: use the Transit app.)
  3. COVID-19. In May-June 2020, we wore masks and tried to keep 6’ distant from each other and passers-by. We walked in small groups. Check the RI-Department of Health COVID-19 website for the latest guidance. 
  4. Urban hiking. You may want to bring bug spray, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, water, snacks. Look out for poison ivy in the woods. One more word: bathrooms. 


use the hashtag #pvdboundaries
join/post in our Strava club
email us: