Who we are

WalkPVD is a volunteer collective of passionate walkers aiming to advocate for a more walkable Providence while celebrating pedestrianism. The loosely operating group is led by C.J. Opperthauser & was co-founded by Jonathan Harris.

We welcome any & all volunteers who wish to help with ongoing projects or have ideas of their own. We will define ourselves as we grow, operating for now with structural flexibility. Our hope is to have representation & active volunteer members in every Providence neighborhood.

What we do

We advocate for better pedestrian infrastructure & practices by speaking at public meetings, writing letters, & organizing concerned citizens.

We co-organize walking events such as Jane’s Walk & The PVD Boundaries Project.

We empower citizens to learn about walkability & share their voices to improve it.

We support local businesses with our Ped-Friendly Business Program.

We have a newsletter; an active Facebook group providing news, activism opportunities, & educational resources; & a hashtag to promote the joys of walking — #onlyonfootpvd.

Learn more & explore how you can get involved by clicking here.