Beg Buttons No More!

We have a bit of good news to share in the midst of this craziness: The City of Providence’s Department of Public Works, in order to reduce physical contact surfaces, made pedestrian signals temporarily automatic late last week. WalkPVD and its members, in response, wrote Facebook comments and sent in a formal letter urging the City to make this change permanent.

And here’s the kicker… they did it! Please see the announcement from the City below.

“Additional provisions, such as eliminating the need for manual activation of crosswalk buttons at city-maintained traffic signals, have been put in place to ensure safety and reduce contact with surfaces at high-traffic intersections and will be implemented permanently citywide. Moving forward, the pedestrian walk signal will be displayed automatically without the need to press the button at city-maintained traffic signals throughout the city.”

Thanks to everyone who helped write and edit. We’re glad our advocacy achieved a major goal and we’ll continue pushing for the cause.

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